Corporate information

(Asean Tiles Coporation) was established in July 2007. The initial investment capital is $ 15 million by the founding shareholders contribution. The plant is equipped with modern Italian and Chinese equipment in manufacturing technology of advanced ceramics in the world: spray drying raw mill system, Modena's kiln, Heng LI TAI’spresses, AIR POWER - ITALIA’s glaze, Printer's OMIS-ITALIA, SYSTEM - ITALIA’s chain packing. These equipments are always improved to promote the advantages of improving the quality of technical products.

Our engineers and workers train at home and study abroad. We always improve ourselves in order to have the maximum exploitation of technology applications and new techniques in production activities so we can create products with value and quality of.

Management system of the plant are applied in a strictly scientific and surprised by the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The company's products are awarded  the high standards and the European EN14411: 2006.

The design of the Company Southeast Asian Ceramic, which has the Asian and European style, has been confirmed in domestic and international market with two brands , designed to make your house a special separate world and perfect sublimation of contemporary architecture." "

Our Achievement: